Cornucopia is a generative and interactive audio-visual installation created for Maca (Moving Arts Centre Amsterdam). It is designed as an ecosystem like Earth’s own ecosystem: self-sustaining whilst influenceable. Humanity is in an endless dialogue with nature, which often feels more like a monologue. We are always hungry for more without listening to our conversation partner. What is our ecosystem telling us? When is it too much? Can we restore the imbalance?

Cornucopia gives our ecosystem an amplified voice through audio and video. With a gentle touch, ecosystem will not respond. But when properly touched, nature will cringe. Cornucopia’s antenna will detect the greedy hand of humanity.

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Daan Bothof

Daan Bothof is an audio-visual artist and cinematographer based in Amsterdam. He is mostly focused on cinematographic work for which he collaborates extensively with directors. His work consists of commercial work, documentaries and fiction.
Under the pseudonym ‘Dan Graveyard’ Bothof creates electronic music ranging from Techno to Generative Soundscapes. For this process he utilises an Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Martijn de Vos

Martijn de Vos is an audio-visual artist and film director from Amsterdam.
His works consist of Ambient Music, Video- and Vector Synthesis, for which he has built his own synthesizers. De Vos focuses on the direct relationship between audio and video, and is specialised in visualising sound waves on modified CRT monitors. His personal themes lay in the relation between man and nature, focused on networks, structures and constructs.